2019 The Princess Rosé

Wine Notes


Knights Valley, Sonoma County

Our “Princess Rosé” this year is 100% Sangiovese from a single vineyard in Knights Valley: a remote valley tucked between Alexander Valley and Calistoga. It enjoys the morning fog like Alexander Valley and the warm afternoons like Calistoga, thus being ideally situated for Sangiovese’s strict maturity regimen, just like in its native Tuscany!

Vintage Notes:
The winter of 2019 yielded well over 50” of rain in Knights Valley. Spring started late, in mid-May, and was cool and compressed. As a result, fruit set was reduced, the crop was lowered and the grape quality increased. Summer weather was “normal” but hot, dry fall winds were hard on the canopy. Fortunately, the canopy was ample and did shade the berries from sunburn. Thus, wine quality was excellent.

Fermentation & Aging:
The grapes were harvested during the first weeks of September. The sugar was 23.5° brix and the acid was 6.9g/L. After crushing the juice was left in contact with the skins for a few hours then drawn off; the saigneé process. Yeast was added and the fermentation was two weeks at 50°F in stainless steel tanks to retain fruit and freshness. The wine was then left in contact with the lees for a creamy texture. After racking and finishing, the wine was bottled in mid-February, 2020.