2020 The Princess Rosé

Wine Notes


Russian River & Alexander Valleys, Sonoma County

This year our Rosé is a blend of 62% Merlot and 38% Cabernet Sauvignon. The Merlot comes from the James Pratt vineyard in Russian River Valley. This vineyard supplies the Merlot in the famous Cinq Cepages blend from Chateau St. Jean Winery. The Cabernet Sauvignon is from the Saini Ranch, Liz Block, in Alexander Valley. Blended together, these two vineyards make a wine better than the parts, each adding subtlety and complexity to the other.

The winter of 2020 yielded low rainfall, less than 50% of normal, about 16-20” in the North Coast wine country. Spring started “on-time” in mid-April, with good weather for flowering. The fruit set was normal but berry size was reduced due to lower rainfall, thus increasing quality. Summer weather was also normal and sufficient canopy shaded the crop. Harvest was somewhat early due to lower soil moisture and the threat of an early fire season.

Fermentation & Aging:
The grapes were harvested on September 30th and October 2nd. The Merlot was 23.4° Brix and the Cabernet at 23.8°B. Acids were normal: 6.5- 6.7g/L. After crushing the juice was drawn off after 48 hours, using the saigneé process. Fermentation was 2 weeks at 50°F in stainless steel. The wine was then aged “sur lie” to add body and texture. The wine was bottled in mid-February, 2021.